The Reason I Write

When I first started posting my writing, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just wanted to help people so I thought starting a blog would be a good place to start. As I started writing, I noticed that a lot more people appreciated and were able to relate to my posts (also people are so much nicer) than I expected.

I want my blog to be a happy place that anyone can go to when they need some cheering up or looking for some positivity. I want you to feel important and at home when you’re here. Whether you follow me and keep up with my posts or just passing by I hope that you feel a little bit better after being here.
I write because I want every single person who comes across my blog to know that whatever they come across in life, they aren’t alone. I might not have gone through it personally, but someone has and I promise you can make it through.
I write becausehave experienced a good amount of struggles so far and if talking about what I have been through can help even one person struggle a little less, then that alone makes this whole blog worth it.
I write because it calms me down, I find it so soothing to sit and write about whatever it is that comes to me and releasing it for the entire internet is sometimes scary, but mostly relieving.

What is “Defining Yellow”?
I think the name of this will always be important to me and the meaning will change as I go along, but for now here’s how I can explain it to you:
When you look at the grass, you know it’s green and I know it’s green. We’ll never know if we are seeing the same color, we just know that we call it green. Makes sense? Well Yellow is the color that represents happiness and optimism. So for me, Defining Yellow means that what makes you happy and what makes me happy might not be the same thing, but we each see our own shade of yellow. Defining it is just finding what makes us happy. Does that make sense? I hope so.

I think that starting my blog has been one of the most positive decisions I have made and I love so much that people can benefit from it. Whether you’ve been following me or just came across my blog, thanks for reading ☀️☀️☀️

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